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Use Policy

Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc. (DPS) through the Virtual Textile Project (VTP) Open Access Database (OADB), (collectively Site) provides its own content as well as content from the owners of the textile collections (Collections) to historians, researchers, designers, journalists and the general public for the purposes of textile research and inspiration, free of charge, as a public service.

Statement of Neutrality

As a conservancy organization, we do not grant permission for reprints, links, citations or other uses of our data and analysis that in any way imply that DPS endorses a cause, issue, product, business or religion. (Please see our full terms & conditions.)

Please note: We do not grant permission for third-party translations of DPS publications or graphics. If you operate a website that publishes in a language other than English, we suggest that you link directly to our material using an overview that you have written in the local language.

You DO NOT need permission to:

  • Link to DPS Sites: We invite you to include links to DPS websites, publications or interactives and graphics on your own site. However, you may not use our logos or branding on your website without advance permission. If you link to our content, we would like to know - please notify us by email at and point us to where you've cited our textiles.
  • Cite DPS Content: You may cite our Content in your work without advance, express permission. We do require that you include attribution to our Sites and Collections for these uses of our Content.
  • Use in a Classroom or Group Setting: If you are an educator (teacher, professor, religious leader) or other group leader seeking to assign our textiles and provenance information to your participants, you may make copies available to your students or create online links to our material.
  • Personal Use: You may make reasonable copies of select portions/excerpts of our content, solely for your own noncommercial personal use.

You DO need our permission for the reproduction, distribution or sale of any information and images published by DPS, for purposes other than those listed above, requires specific licensing available through

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