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Why do textiles matter?

Why do textiles matter?

Catherine 12/05/2015 0
In the same way as cave paintings provide clues to early human history, textiles provide clues about cultural heritage, societal preoccupations, and t...
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Welcome to the VTP Blog

Welcome to the VTP Blog

admin 03/05/2015 0
Welcome to the Virtual Textile Project Blog! This blog is intended to provide a focus for conversation on various topics that center around the digit...
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Conservancy, Research and Inspiration

The Open Access Database acts as a resource for many different types of users.  Artists, educators, and students will use vintage textiles as inspiration for their own designs and projects.  Researchers will appreciate having access to antique textiles that are normally closed to the public, stored in museum archives. Textiles are susceptible to fading, and therefore cannot withstand display for long periods of time. Digital conservancy allows open access to these rare and delicate fabrics, making them available worldwide, year round.

Catherine, Co-founder, Research 

Being part of the collection and processing team is awesome! The feeling that we are able to really help save our textile heritage is near and dear to the whole team.  I am really enjoying seeing all of these textiles from over a hundred years ago. You would think that some of them were from the last ten years. Who knew that lime green was popular in 1881? Did you know that there were starbursts on fabrics in the late 1800s that look just like mid-century modern motifs?

This is a wonderful, exciting time for all of us. We hope you will keep us company on our journey.

Sha, VTP Collection and Processing Team   

The images on this site are copyrighted to the museums and image providers. However, these organizations have graciously allowed the Virtual Textile Project to provide them as a resource for research, inspiration and other non-commercial use. All images on the site are protected by watermarks and digital rights management techniques. If you wish to download watermark-free images for non-commercial use, first register an account. Once you have created your free account, you may select images for download.

Dragon and Phoenix Support Team  

The technical challenges in digital images and presenting them in a manner that supports many different needs have been intimidating. We wanted to allow researchers and artisans to find connections, identify trends, etc. This site is the research side of the Virtual Textile Project and is target for non-commercial usage. Any commercial use of the textiles should be licensed throught the commercial site, so that the museums and collections can be assisted in their conservancy efforts.

 Let us know what you would like to see in functionality, since we will continue to expand capabilities and inventory. We have about 25,000 images in process, so look for more from us!

Kat, Co-Founder, Technology and Photography